Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Walk in the Park

        I'm still enamored with details.  It was easy, so easy, to get captured by them on today's early morning walk.  I left around 6:30, noticing immediately the deep blue blanket of sky.  The trees in the neighborhood were stark naked and their black bone-like branches appearred to be silently sleeping.


   Part of my route takes me through the city park.  I am caught by the empty playground.  The primary colors of the playground  bring to memory swings, sandboxes and little shoes.  The park is eerily empty.  The shining light and rising steam from the outdoor pool area only make me shiver.

       The path over to the baseball diamond is littered with leaves.  The eeriness of the playground finds its cousin at the baseball diamond and spider webs only add to the early morning magic.  The sun has now kicked the deep blue blanket off.   He is content with the light blue/gray sheets.  The day suggests that it is time to rise and shine and so he does.


  1. Spider webs sparkling,
    Dew-drops shimmering brightly.
    Baseball's true diamonds.

  2. Damn! I even thought of that when I uploaded the pictures! I forgot about iit when I started doing the writing. But I thought about how the spider weds were sparkly and sitting right on a diamond.... baseball diamond, that is.

  3. You two crack me up - you must be related :).

    It really was lovely and I loved the spider web pics!

  4. Check it out, though. We have a three-fer going: Diamond dewdrops, crafted in the diamond that is the chain-link fence, superimposed over the baseball diamond. You, my dear, are a genius. Don't they have photography competitions that include captions? It's a knockout!

  5. Between the words and the pictures, I was THERE without even leaving HERE. It's like magic. ;)