Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Away Whille the Getting is Good

There is a war going on in my head.
The wants have gone to battle with the must do's.
The shoulds and the who the hell do you think you are soldiers are falling on the south forty.
The wannabes and the real me's want to seize my day.
I have to disappear before they capture me.


  1. Come hide with us in the secret passages of the Internet. If they find us, we will take them down.

    Seriously, I'm not sure what's going on, but there is something in this imagery that really speaks to me. I hope you're okay.

  2. I agree with Masked Mom - lots of places to hide here :)

  3. Worked, partied vigorously. Liked partying better.

    Six words worked well for this.

  4. This was an impulsive post last night. I appreciate the invitation to come and hide on the Internet. Yesterday I felt as if I had to go silent. I had to disappear - not as in suicide. That is NOT an option. But the only way I could deal with the war in my head would be to be silent. Not to speak.

    In my real day to day world, I don't let on about the demons , the voices - NO ONE would have a clue. I have a job to do and responsibilities to fulfill and I do that and, frankly, I do it quite well. But, in the tiny moments when I come face to face with the deeper sides of me, I am overwhelmed and wait with curiosity to understand them.

    The friendships that I am establishing here are very encouraging. I am not the writer that you all are and I am painfully aware of that. But I feel your support and encouragement and for that I am grateful. You don't know how much. It's nice to by anonymous in this sort of way.

  5. These few lines capture so well the struggle I go through far more regularly than I would like. Thank you. You are not alone in the keeping the demons to yourself and going about your business well.

  6. The wants battling with the must do's describes my day perfectly! It's a day off of work, kids at school, all to myself....I feel like goofing off, but the floor is kind of sticky and my son just cleaned his room and seems to have found every lost sock in the universe (hip-hip-hooray?) and I know that weird smell is coming from one of the dogs....It's a battle, for sure!