Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six Word Memoirs

     Several years ago I discovered a project sponsored by  Smith Magazine and  dubbed "Six Word Memoirs".  The first collection is entitled "Not Quite What I Was Planning".  Get it?  Six words communicating the gist of the message.  There are so many short thoughts that convey so much.  Some are funny, some are philosophical, a few are inspiring, many are poignant.  I have too many favorites but here are a few:

"Still lost on the road less traveled."

"Followed rules. Not dreams. Never again."

"Used to add.  Now I subtract."

         Later the project came out with another book,  "It All Changed In An Instant." Again the magazine solicited six word memoirs that could tell the story of people's lives.  The collection offers a mix of both well known and obscure writers' words.   A few favorites include:

"The miserable childhood leads to royalties."  (Frank McCourt)

"Said I walked into wall.  Lied."

Married young.  Discovered dating soon afterwards."

      Today I spent a chunk of the day immersed in yet another
of the Six Word Memoir projects.  This is entitled "The Moment" and is fascinating and quick reading. These are short blips that tell so much,  Generally, the focus is a life changing moment.  The story telling is real.  The moment is clear and tenable.  The stories are told with humor, inspiration, poignancy, immediacy, and truth.   It reminds me of the  blogging community.


  1. Fascinating concept: wouldn't work; too verbose.

    There, that's my six word statement.

  2. A few words create thoughtful pictures.

  3. For sale. Child's shoes. Never worn.

    I read it somewhere, haunts me.

  4. Heya, Paul! Yes, that line was written by Ernest Hemingway - the Six Word Project cites it as the beginning the six word story.

  5. I have read about this project, but have not yet gotten to any of the books. They are so on my list now. It's stunning how much six words can say.

  6. MM - the books are quick reading - except for when you are putting sticky notes on all the pages that you want to mark b/c the words on that page made you smile and/or cry.....