Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Good Thing Ever Dies

"Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."
— Stephen King

This spring seems to be fresh out of hope.  It has been a grey and dismal spring with few sunny days.  On top of the grey outside, there has been more than the usual grey inside..... changes at work, depressing national and international news,  hard times for recent college grads and job seekers, headaches and tension everywhere.  I stumbled on this line from something written by Stephen King and it set me to thinking:  Is hope gone for good?

Lately I have thought a great deal about what it means to be alive.  Stephen King appears to be suggesting that hope makes all the difference.  For me, to know I  am alive is the best thing.  To feel all my senses in play reminds me that I am breathing, taking chances,  attached to the world around me.  Perhaps tough to do if I have given up on hope.

Hope suggests that, despite the dismal skies and the prevalent grey mood, change is possible.  I will not always be so small.  I will not always be impatient and discouraged.  When I ride my bike at dawn on a clear May morning and blend into the roads of Sonoma County - eye candy galore, spring fragrances everywhere, and some awesome music in my ears, hope returns. What changes in that moment?  What brings that hope back into my life?

Don't know.  Maybe the absence of stress, the presence of solitude, the feeling that anything can still happen?  What I know is I glimpse that every so often these days and I want more.  More hope.

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