Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Question

Seriously, maybe I have to consider not working.  What a difference having this time off makes!  Granted the weather is also cooperating - sunny and warm - but I am happy to be drifting through my days.  I am happy to be cleaning the house and happy to be doing yard work.  I can take time to just be.  I can paint and read.  I can take bike rides and walk the dogs. I am not jamming a million things into my day.  I can breathe.
How long would I be content to just be?  There is satisfaction in my work.  I do enjoy the contacts with the kids and the parents.  I get a lot from my work but at what price?  Life is short and feels as if it is getting shorter and shorter.  I am well aware that my days are numbered.  How can I make the most of them?  Is working really the best way to spend my life?  Good question.

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