Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What A Difference

.....a week makes....
Everything changes.
That has been a recurring theme - and, once again, I am here to announce and, yeah, celebrate change.  This time the change is reflected in three arenas: sunlight, sleep, and work free days.  I am in love with the sunshine.  I know it makes a huge difference in my attitude and life appears manageable when the sun is shining.  I literally live in a fog zone, a cloud zone,  and the faithful presence of the sun is not guaranteed.  I wish I could paint it into the morning sky every day and let its warm energy infect my life.  Not possible

A second pleasant change is the appearance of sleep in my life.  I have the chance now to get an adequate nightly rest with a sweet helping of an afternoon nap.  I know I feel a reduction in headaches and I can retain my sunny disposition when I am not fighting exhaustion.  I am not one to laze around in sleepy mode.  I go to bed at night, read for a few, slip off the light and slip away from my world within (literally) seconds.  I sleep hard and undisturbed.  I wake up minutes before the alarm on school days but on these days I wake up a comfortable seven or eight hours later and waste no time getting out of bed and getting on with my day.  I like that.  I love the early morning and I do not want to waste it drifting in and out of unawareness.  And I feel awake and alive and capable of dealing with whatever life has in store for me that day.

      And, why this gift of sleep?  School is out for the summer.  My professional life goes on hold for about two months.  I can breathe.  I am not running all the time.  My head is not spinning with the many daily issues that my work presents.  I have time to write, to read, to paint, to walk , to just be.  I know I need to look at this.  Living my life at a speed that exceeds the legal limit is not in my best interests.  For now, however, I simply want to take the moment and appreciate what is.

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