Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breaking Hearts

"It is better for the heart to break, than not to break." 
 Mary Oliver

      I question this one.  Really? And exactly why is that?  What is so impressive about a broken heart?  Broken hearts mean tumult, hurt, sadness, regret, tough times all the way around.  If a heart doesn't break, it is spared all that grief.  Sure, I know, I know - Life might be sterile or lack depth without heartbreak but it might be much cleaner, much less painful.  Without a broken heart, you have the energy to be open, energetic and alive.  You don't get bogged down in fearing the broken heart.  You just live, unattached and whole.

   Do you want to avoid a broken heart?   How about just not letting the heart land in the wrong hands?  If you hold on to your heart, if don't give it to anyone, you will know exactly where it is and in what condition it lives.  If you are foolish and careless enough to give it to someone (or even just to give part of it to someone) then you have to take what you get.  In theory, you could be wise enough to give it to someone who will protect it.  That is awfully sweet.  But how often does that really work out?  And when you give your heart away, how does that make your life better?  If you hold on to your heart, guard it with everything you've got, you don't have to deal with heartbreak.  Oh but then there is the chance that you might just drop it yourself.  Oops.  Splat.  Bye bye protected heart......

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