Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Love Letter

Dear Summertime,
I don't know if I've told you this lately but I do love you.  I have always loved you and I always will love you.  You make me feel alive.  Your warmth and gentle nature captivate me.  Your shining and beautiful colors stun me and make me want to just feast my eyes on you and never look away.   I love how you make me laugh and how relaxed I feel in your presence.  You never seem to annoy me and you never fail to make me smile.  I love how you make the daylight start so early and how fresh and cool you feel at 5:30 in the morning.  I embrace the sleepy nap time that is a natural response to your afternoon warmth.  And I am in heaven when you embrace me at dusk with your colors and your balmy breeze.  On top of all of that, you provide me with the tastiest fresh fruit and vegetables!  The gift of just off the vine tomatoes or fresh berry pie - you feed me so well!

         I love how, when you are in town, I get to wear shorts,  tank tops and flip flops. My bike rides take on new energy when I am not wrapped in layers of clothing.  My arms and legs bask in your sunbeams and my toes dance when dressed up in polish. My skin loves the feel of fresh sunshine and begs for more of that sunscreen fragrance.
The best part of our romance is that , when you are visiting, there is an attitude in my world that speaks to freedom and adventure.  My days are open and all my own.  I can get up and enjoy the morning, drifting from interest to interest.  I can paint before I do anything else.  I can work out without feeling rushed.  I can sit down and type a love letter  and not be worried about being late for work.  I don't have to go to work at all!  If you invite me, I can go to the beach on any day.  If you invite me, I can take a nap with you at any time.  Because of you, I can lounge among all the books I have saved up all year and read them without feeling pressured to go do chores or go to work.  When I am ready, I can hit the road and go visit other towns, other people, other beaches, even NYC, if I choose!  I can have adventures.  You are really my best friend!  I love you!

    The saddest part for me is that you don't stick around.  You always leave me.  I know it's what you must do but still it doesn't please me.  I know you offer me the Fall colors as a parting gift but you also slam the door shut tightly with the cold, grey, wet winter.  By the time February arrives, I feel entirely abandoned and forgotten by you.  I mourn your disappearance and I wonder if you will ever come back to me again.  So far, you always have but why must you leave?  I miss you so.
For now, though, I want to just be with you.  I want to enjoy what I have in the moment.  I want to treasure these days with you and love every moment.  I will survive if you leave again as I know you must.  But, for now, hold me tight and never forget me.
I love you.

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  1. Sometimes the haze of summer lifts for a few magic moments and there is a clarity that allows us to remember the beautiful moments of our lives.
    Even as there is death all around (and beneath) us.