Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breathe. Again.

     Road trip north.  Travel solo and see the world.  I have done that trip six or eight times in my life and I don't get tired of it.  This time I am going alone.  Oskar and I  (Oskar being my bug car) will tool up the coast, stopping when we feel so inclined.  I will take lots of photos.  I will stop and read when I want to.  I will walk into restaurants and make friends with the waitstaff.  I will stay at a campground or three and walk around and talk to people.  I will sit in interesting places and watch the people.  And take photos.  And write about what I see.  And hear. I wish I could take my bike but I am traveling very lightly on this trip.  A sleeping bag, a little tent, a little ice chest, a small box with books and cd's, my camera and computer, warm clothes and running shoes.  Oh, and a credit card.  It will be an adventure.  A solo adventure.

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