Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surprises Are Not All About Fun

A while back I mourned the passing of surprises, saying that there were few anymore.  Perhaps still true but I am also learning to look in different places for surprises.  For example, all the tough times at work, though they shouldn't have been, are proving to be surprises.  I am surprised and disappointed at how much the notion of change (as in staff and grade configuration changes) is throwing me.  I've grown accustomed to working with these people, whether specific aged students or other staff people.  To think about a daily work life that does not include some of my adult friends and that adds a whole new dimension to the students for whom I am responsible, causes me to pause.  What's that about?  You, O'Neill, are the one who claims to embrace change.  So do it.  Yet it feels overwhelming and uncertain and , yes, sad.
Surprises are not necessarily fun.

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  1. JT,
    Yeah, that saying "No news is good news" is becoming more and more true for me as the years go by. I'm sorry things are still so tough for you. Hang in there.