Friday, December 30, 2011

Nine Days

     At the end of today I will be at the halfway point of my winter break.  I have an unprecedentedly long winter break - eighteen days - in a school year where I desperately need the long winter break.  The school year started for me in early August and brought with it wrenching changes.  Although I knew the changes were coming, living through them with grace and patience has been challenging.

     The winter vacation has lived up to its holiday promises  The house has been filled with family and festive activity.  I have had terrific conversations with relatives and friends, enjoyed neighborhood walks and at least one beach walk, given and received Christmas gifts and hugs, and generally embraced the whole holiday madness. And nine days are over.

     Nine days are over but nine are still remaining.  And the holiday doings are done.  Now I get the real recharging that needs to happen.   I started today with some of the cleaning up and putting away of the tangible Christmas spirit.  I even got out the vacuum cleaner for the first time in recent history and actually shoved it around the edges of some of the rooms.  I am looking forward to continuing to organize the studio space and getting in there and putting my time to good use.  Among my Christmas gifts were four books:  The new Jobs biography, the new Van Gogh biography, a novel entitled The Good Son (given to me by none other than the good son), and a cool book of bike stuff.  I have nine days to read them all AND the one that I started on 12/24.  Just kidding!  But I guarantee you, the nine days will see plenty of reading time.

      The nine days will also see plenty of just plain down time.  I need to get this mind and body reenergized for the rest of the school year.  The work takes a lot out of me (more than it ever has and please don't remind me that I am older than I have ever been too).  From where I sit, however, we have made it through the most difficult time of the school year.  The period from January through April tends to be productive and less stressful than the first trimester.  May is stressful but usually in a good way. As long as I can get my mojo back during these nine days (gulp - the pressure is on), I will be okay.  Any ideas how to do that?


  1. How wonderful to have 9 days post-holiday winter vacation. I think lots of reading and walks on the beach are in order!

  2. I think it is inevitable that we focus on time; the key is to recognize that the same nine days during work time, are actually the same length of time, as they are on break. Go ahead and keep track of the nine days-just keep telling yourself that doing the things you crave, is better than not, and let the rest of the thinking go. You don't need no stinkin thinkin.

  3. Ha-ha. Mark stole my comment on the stinkin thinkin. Now if I can just apply his wisdom to my own 4.5 ---ack--- days of break before a new semester.
    Let the re-charging begin. Ohhmmm.