Thursday, December 29, 2011


    Blogging friend Lynda posted an interesting article today that  centered around the etiquette of blogging.  I guess I am what? stupid? oblivious? unconscious? blind?  uncommitted?  who knows?  Let's just say, I haven't paid that much attention to any of the rules.  But, I am not so good at paying attention to the rules in life so why should the rules of blogging be any different?

   I started the blogging thing maybe a little over  two years ago.  It was just for fun, just for me.  Some people from work occasionally read and commented but that was about it.  I got a kick out of writing and that was just that.  So there was really no need to know the rules because there were no visitors.  Just me coming back to visit the person who wrote the posts.

    Since my brother Mark got into the blogging game a few months ago, I have taken a stronger interest in the blogging world.  He writes daily and I enjoy reading his stuff.  He comments on my posts and that is fun too.  Bigger than that, he has led me into a larger world of the blogging community.  I have such a blast connecting with other ordinary people who like to write.  What I am discovering, is that these are no ordinary people.  They are thoughtful, articulate, warm, and have great senses of humor.  When I read their words, I feel connected and inspired.  These writers allow me the opportunity to reflect on their posts and then look into myself, discover if there is a connection.  Their honesty and inclusivelness give me the courage to share my discoveries.

   So, back to the rules.... until I read the post that Lynda included, I hadn't really thought about the rules.  If I had thought about rules, I would have gone with the essential rule for living:  be kind and respectful.  I care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation so following writing conventions is a given.  I am not inclined to collect followers for the sake of collecting, so to ask someone to "follow" me would not occur to me.  I do enjoy exploring other blogs and, when I find one where I think we have a connection, I will ask to become a member.  If they choose to "follow" me too, then that's swell but I sure won't sit around thinking about it.   One of the guidelines on the list had to do with not plagiarizing and also giving credit where credit is due.  Aren't those basic writing rules?  There was also something about not adding links to your posts .  From my perspective, that is a rule to be broken.  If the writer thinks the reader might be interested in a previous post or in a related link, then, please tell me, the reader, about it.  I am reading your blog because I am interested in what you have to say and background can be helpful.  I do like the comments part of blogging - the conversation, if you will - and comments don't have to be long or complicated.  Just a note to let me know if I hit a nerve with you is informative and fun.

    Maybe as I get better at this blogging thing, I will discover the need for other rules.  I maintain that my blog remains relatively simple because I prefer simplicity in my life (or, at least I like to pretend that simplicity is my preference).  The real truth is, I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff so I keep it simple.  Someday when I have more time and patience, I will explore some of the fun things that I see on other blogs.   In the meantime, I will put some thoughts up and see what any readers think about them.  Be kind to me, okay?


  1. Lynda's post was fascinating. It let me see how little I really know about our new world. I try to not thrust my way into other niches, so much as ease my way in. I'm paraphrasing here, but Masked Mom pointed out that common sense makes the best sense. Courtesy and humor go a long way.
    And now (my brand new Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus tells me it is officially acceptable to begin a sentence with the word "and") you have articulated many of the nuances that have occurred to me. I like this ongoing dialogue. Thanks for doing such a thorough job.

  2. what??! there's an etiquette to this blogging this??!

  3. Funny you should mention this - I was just wondering the other day whether I could link another person's blog post to one of mine without permission...

  4. There are rules?! I only started blogging a few months ago and I am probably stepping in it all over the place. I should check out Lynda's post.

  5. Etiquette? rules? Again, kindness and respect work wonders in life - and, I am sure, in blogging. :)

  6. I've fallen behind in blog-hopping the last week or so and making my way around trying to catch up. I commented on Lynda's post tonight as well.

    Anyway, I agree completely with what you've added to the discussion. As I said over at Lynda's, I think connection is one of the most valuable things that blogging has to offer. If someone is offended by my "overstepping" in pursuit of those connections, it's unlikely that that's someone I could've truly connected with to begin with. :)

  7. I ignore a lot of blogging "rules" because they seem to be geared towards making money and/or collecting followers. I blog because I feel like writing. I try to be aware of my known "audience" and to be mindful about what I put out there on the internet, but beyond that, I write without any particular goal. I write because I write.

    So "ditto" to a lot of what you said above :)