Saturday, December 24, 2011


Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2012     I have been having fun with the blogging world.  In my craziness, I have found two interesting projects for the new year.  One is the A to Z Challenge, planned for April of 2012. This is, I believe, the third year of this challenge and the first year I plan to participate.  The idea is that there are 26 letters in the alphabet and, if you leave out Sundays, you will have just about one letter for every day of the month.  The challenge is to daily select a theme based on the each letter of the alphabet, starting with A and running all the way though.  Your theme can be anything and your style can be your own.  That silly Christmas ABC's set me to thinking about this one and I am already planning my posts.  Go here to learn more about this creative endeavor:

     As I was checking out a new-to-me blog, I noticed that the blogger had a second blog entitled Keeping My Words.  This blog was tied to a website called  Here the task is to accept the word for the day and write about it for 60 seconds.  See the word and start writing.  The wrtiing function stops when you get to 60 seconds.  You can edit your writing after the end of the 60 seconds and you are allowed to finish your last sentence but that's it.  Fun!

      So I wanted to do what this blogger had done and create a second blog for this activity only.  GRRRRRRR.  I can't get it to lay out as I would like it to. My computer is also running intolerably slowly for me.   Perhaps I am just on overload and need to be more patient with myself. That is the story of my life.  I have spent the last hour looking at tips on blogging and trying to figure it out but all I have is a headache.  I am getting tired and frustrated.  Where is my big brother when I need him?  Oh, that's right, home with his family!

     Time to put the computer away.  Time to sit back with a cup of tea, play a low key board game with the family, maybe watch an episode of The Closer,  and see if Santa comes tonight.  I'll let you know if and when I am successful at any of these endeavors.


  1. Your ABC challenge sounds interesting . And glad to hear you've been checking out noisy quiet. I have thought of doing the 60 second word challenge- but my brain caves under pressure :). Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, Judy! I tried the oneword challenge today - the word was fireplace and I went immediately to the fireplace wall that I snuggled up to as tiny kid in bed on cold nights. It was fun!

  3. Eric? Brian? Noel? Which big brother is conversant in technology? Certainly not Mark. Me and Anonymous will be observers of life (and associates of Mr. Jameson) as we take notes on your progress.

  4. Yes, but I was thinking that if we put our heads together and maybe brought in a consultant from the next generation (Meg, where are you? or Alex? or Tim? or Isabel? any of them - this stuff is second nature to them) we can figure it out. It will be fun, not frustrating.

  5. Love the A to Z challenge...and I'll admit to being somewhat curious what I'd do with the timed word challenge. During my vacation this week, I might have to try that out!

  6. I will have to check out both challenges when I get a second to catch my breath from all the merriment...thanks for passing them along.

  7. Cool! I had no idea! :) Looks like you've done well with your One Word blog!

    - And it looks fine to me. Did you eventually work out your layout issue?

    1. I worked it out enough for now - it is not what I want but I don't know how to do half of what I want to do. But I also would prefer to write than figure it out!