Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter's Arrival

Welcome back, Winter,

I've been thinking about what a bum deal you got.  Talk about roles in a family!  Your beautiful sisters are celebrated by so many.  Look at Ms. Spring.  She is fresh and tender, full of softness and pastels.  She dances in on breezes and bunnies and her coyness makes her so very attractive.  Then along comes sexy summer.  She is HOT with lots of skin showing and a come hither sort of look.  She tempts with luscious iced drinks, long leisurely days, and warm, tender nights.  Gotta love her for all that vitality.  And, finally, the queen of boldness, Autumn, meanders in.  Autumn flashes brilliant color with so much poise and nerve.  She takes over the stage and cannot be hidden.  Her deep, smooth voice is heard in the wind that shakes the dazzling leaves off the trees and her intensity is visible everywhere.

But you, Winter?  You they call Old Man Winter.  You don't come on stage with a legacy of vitality or sexiness or boldness.  You come with a weary eye, wrapped in scarves, gloves and boots.  Your gift is gray and wet and tends to make people cranky.  Not fair!  I admit that, historically, I have wished away your presence, hanging on through the sunless, dismal days of January and February, counting the hours until Spring arrived.   And, likely I will do that again this year.  But, for a brief spell here in December, I have made it a point to find beauty in your arrival.   I have made it a point to carry my camera on walks around town and I have looked for the rich starkness you provide.  It has been a delight to look for your entry into the world this year.  What do you think of your portraits?

I have decided that, in your own way, you have much to offer the world. Thanks for coming along!


  1. What a great post! I love the imagery you evoke for all the seasons.And about winter...makes me wonder; why do we call it old man winter?? I kinda like the ole guy :) My parents taught me to respect my elders haha. Personally I can't wait for snow, we didn't get a flake last year. And it's very unusual but we haven't put one single log in our wood stove this season..very mild. I think it's time he woke up and provided us with a bit of his magic.

    1. Thanks, Jen. We don't see much snow in this corner of NorCal but we have lots of rain. Today is particularly blustery, with high winds and major rainfall. Flooding is a possibility. Power outages are probable. Oh well, I have books to read!

  2. There are many things to love about winter in my area--most of them wear pretty thin after the first couple of weeks. Thanks for the purdy pictures. ;)