Friday, April 20, 2012

R: Red

Dear Red,
      When I was a kid, I was afraid of you.  Even though you were my big brother Mark's favorite color, you scared me.  You were the color of blood and anger.  You blinded me.  I retreated to Blue, the color of calm, of silence, of skies and solitude.
       But something has changed.  I guess the change must be mine.  Now you are more attractive to me.  I appreciate your boldness, your enticement to have fun.  Even as the color of blood and anger, you are interesting to me.  I am curious about you.  No, you are still not my favorite but you are far more attractive to me.
     Look, I find you and embrace you everywhere!  Thanks for inviting me back!


These are not exactly the heels I will be wearing in NYC this weekend but close to it -- these are Jimmy Choo - mine will not be Jimmy Choo.....

Red shows up in nature in the most beautiful ways.
I read this book some years ago.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I find more red in my original artwork now than I used to find there.

Red flowers can add a touch of bright to a dismal grey day.

This photo was taken in Boston - how appropriate!

Sunsets can be magnificently red.  This was along the Oregon coast.

Red toenails!  Summertime!

Tomatoes!  More summertime!

When Sonny Boy was six years old, he wanted me to make him a quilt.  He and I took a field trip to an awesome fabric store and he helped select the fabrics for his one quilt.  His favorite color then (and now) is red.

Yes, I do enjoy a nightly glass of red wine!


  1. Still my favorite color, and this is my all-time favorite blog post.

    1. You are such a sweet brother :)

    2. He absolutely is an awesome brother!

  2. Red has always been my favorite color. :)

    (I love those shoes!)

    1. I lOVE those shoes too! The ones I am wearing to this NYC wedding tomorrow night are red patent leather but more wedge than heel -- but they are comfortable and cute!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! I have some red Toms too and the kids at school love those!

  4. Son-Two's favorite color is red so it has a warm place in my heart as well.

  5. I love red and feel a magnetic pull to wear red on a gloomy weather day. Red shoes are the best! Have fun in NYC!