Saturday, March 3, 2012

In Love

       I am in love with Saturdays.  They are the perfect days.   I find the early morning hours to be most precious so I get up early.  The pace of the day is what transforms the morning.  I retrieve the dogs from their night space and they hang with me in the living room while I do some writing and usually check a few things on the computer.  A Saturday morning walk comes next and these solitary rambles are the best.  My weekday exercise vacillates between neighborhood walks and workouts on the elliptical cross-trainer.  The chatter in my head on weekdays often revolves around work but Saturday chatter?  It tends to be more in the moment, more eyes wide open to the view around me.  I walk for at least an hour, often more like ninety minutes.  We have a fair amount of hills (baby hills, really) in town and I get a kick out of walking some of the more isolated areas in the light of the weekend morning.  Taking a page from Lynda's blog, here is a bit of what the morning light showed me today:

     After the walk, I allow myself generally to drift through the day.  I usually save the laundry and household chores for Sunday since Sunday is already sullied by its proximity to Monday. For example, when I got back from the walk this morning, I sent an email to a friend and then had my oatmeal, blueberries, and almonds - LOVE that breakfast.  I looked at the paper and read a bit from this week's Newsweek which was still sitting on the kitchen counter untouched from it's arrival earlier in the week. I then played with the paints for a bit.  See what I am working on?

This is one from a few weeks ago:

Would you maybe like to see my work space?  

Mixed in with my afternoon nap, I will find time to read.  These are on my list for today:

And , of course, my fingers will find these two tools at some point later today as well:

Do you understand why I in love with Saturday?
It's the pace of the day.  It's the solitude and the silence.  It's the ability to breathe and so take in the world.  No demands.  Amen.


  1. A lovely post. Your words had a relaxed tone which captured the calm of the day. Thanks for taking me with you on your walk.
    Great photos. But, you stumped Ross and me with number three.
    Even when we stood on our heads, we just couldn't figure out what the subject is :)
    Thanks for the mention.

    1. You were the inspiration for this post! I like how you tell a story with your photos. The third photo is a store front downtown. I was drawn to the colors and the lines. I got down on the ground and shot the photo looking right up along the building. If the light is right when I go out this morning, I will take a photo of a more common view of the building and post it so you can see what it really looks like most of the time. :)

  2. You summed it up perfectly: Sunday is sullied by it's neighbor Monday! I'll do my laundry tomorrow. Or at least, the load that is most important to start our week!

    1. Oh, that's perfect too, Michelle. The laundry that NEEDS to get done will get done today. And I will make a run to the grocery store so that I can avoid tacking that on to an already long workday tomorrow. But, at least on Sunday, there is time for a morning bike ride and a nap in the afternoon....

  3. Is today Saturday? It's Monday? Can your Monday be my Saturday? I want a day, just like the day you were talking about, only I want it now! Pretty pics!

  4. You inspire me with your photos (and all your exercise)! My blog is on the dull side without them. Maybe on my next Saturday I'll take the camera out of mothballs.
    I'm at a place where Sundays are covered with a pall, too. Don't like it. Dreaming of better days.

  5. Absolutely understand your love of Saturday. :) I have several Karbo titles on my to-read list. Wasn't aware of this one, but have added it now. Love the artwork, as always and envy your gorgeous work space. That issue of The Sun is on my bedside table at this exact moment.