Monday, March 19, 2012

Check in

      Back on January 1st, I  posted a piece which listed fifty things I wanted to do in 2012.  I'm thinking this is a good week to take a look at that list and see how I am doing. I'm not going to enumerate every item and scold or congratulate myself on my progress in that arena.  No, instead I am going to find and tell about three things I have been faithful to and three things I could refocus my energies on.  Here goes.

#26.  Order new walking shoes so I don't wreck my knees even more.  Yup.  Matter of fact, I think I did this one on January 2.  All good as I want to keep that physical activity level going strong for as long as I live.  I continue to engage in a hour or more of exercise daily and that is good for my body and my mind (as if you could separate them).

#28.  Write, write, and write some more.  Yes, I have been faithful to this one.  I post on my blog at least two times a week (which is one more time a week than I was doing in 2011) and I am writing in other arenas more as well.  I have decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge during April and that promises to encourage my writing habit even more.  I like it.

#35.  Say no when I want to say no.  This is a confusing one for me.  I chide myself constantly about what I should do or should not do.  It's hard for me to say no when I might disappoint or anger someone else but, for better or worse, I am getting more comfortable with that.

#27.  Take a good look again at a daily meditation habit.  Hmmmmm - that would be a no. The desire is still there (made more visible when Noel posted this) but I have yet to shove other things aside in order to make the time for mediation.  The year is still young?

#32.  Take Ellie for a neighborhood walk at least two afternoons a week.  That would be another no, not yet.  Okay, so I can, in part, blame the weather and the darkness, but that isn't really a good enough reason not to do this.  If I were to reinstate this habit, I would remember how much I enjoy it and I would also be practicing breathing and stopping.  Springtime is the right time to start this pattern again.

#8.  Embrace the trip to Alaska in June.  Everything changes, right?  That changed.  We realized the major expense involved (even going on the cheap it was going to amount to $5,000 - $6,000 for two of us for two weeks) and decided that we could still have fun without flying somewhere and without paying a small fortune (or to us, not so small fortune).  I'm okay with that.

     In general, I would say there are more things on the list that I am NOT doing than that I am doing.  Bummer.  But it's only March and we are coming into my productive and energetic time of the year.  Who knows?  Perhaps when I check back with this list near the summer solstice I will be able to reverse the trend.  Or not.  :)


  1. You're way ahead of me. Writing a list of things to do is still the only item on my current list of things to do. ;)

    1. The thing is, MM, you can write all the lists in the world. What difference does it make unless you do the things on the list? I suppose lists are a good way to organize thoughts and stop the chatter in the head but they are also a cop out if you just write it down and don't' move forward. I make lists at work all the time so that I don't forget stuff that needs to get done. But this kind of list is different - use of discretionary time, not mandated items.

  2. Sounds like you're doing pretty well to me. And you're right. - spring is coming - the great motivator :)

    1. I LOVE spring and always feel more inspired and more energetic in springtime --

  3. At first I thought "wow fifty things is pretty ambitious." But then I remembered it's a leap year, we have that extra day, perfectly doable. :)
    I like that your list is specific and detailed. I think that's where I have been going wrong. I can see why goals like "I'm going to lose weight, or "be a better person" have not worked for me, too general.
    I think sticking to an hour of exercise a day should count as a double, btw.

  4. Ah, but that extra day came and went -- and look where it got me - nowhere!
    Specificity is the key. I mostly did that but still not always - and specific tasks are easier to nail.
    I do like my daily exercise thing - I have been at it for about 40 years now - the only break from that was after that bike accident - I wasn't moving anywhere for two months but then I was able to start walking again and I was happy. I think I have come to view that as a time to connect with myself. My preference is to walk, bike or use the elliptical cross trainer by myself - listen to the silence.

  5. I must add my admiration for your exercise!
    Writing blog posts twice a week is a big deal, too.