Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ten Things That Light My FIre

My friend Stacy recently posted a blog entry in which she delineated ten things that make her extremely happy.  She threw down the gauntlet:  What are your ten things?  I am accepting the challenge.

My favorite things are in no particular order and are not limited to the following:

1.  Sometimes when I am painting, the colors and the shapes make me laugh and skip and sometimes dance a bit.  I don't understand it - they just do.

2.  When the temperature hits 70 to 75 degrees and the sky is clear and blue and I can push myself into the moment to soak up the sun, I imagine that this is heaven.

3. When the day has been long and difficult and my body craves rest, crawling under the covers (no matter what time of day or night) , and completing relaxing on our most comfortable bed feels so right, so valuable.

4. Take that 70 degree temperature and transport me and it to the coast - add in the lonely foghorn, the seagulls, a slight breeze, a good book and time for a nap - I am happy.

5.  6:00 am bike ride, seriously good music, clear sky, no traffic, and lots of energy - I know I am alive.

6.  Alex, Meg, and Michael all  here at the house, all light and laughing, all smart and kind, pizza on the table, bit of wine in the glass, warmth, history, and family - those who have lived my daily life with me for many years now make my life worth living.

7.  Memories of Fellowship and home, summers and Christmas, brothers to embrace, a sister to mirror, family gatherings -  anywhere when laughter and love are all that matter.

8.  There's a moment on a school day when a kid smiles and says hi and I say something goofy to them and there is a connection - bingo! The work makes me part of something bigger and that makes me happy.

9.  Ellie on a leash and the work day behind me, we stroll downtown - just to get out and meander, notice the trees, notice the flowers , wave to the neighbor, breathe and be.  Who could ask for more?

10.  Back to laughter - laughter so hard that the tears come -- that indescribable time with friends when bonds are cemented and you know you will climb any wall to save your friend.

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  1. I love this list! It's full of treasured moments and love. I love laughing with you. Let's do it again soon! :)