Sunday, October 10, 2010


     Today is the October I know.  It is warm, quite warm, yet the leaves are straggly and some brown and yellow mingle in with the not so bright greens.  I rode the bike early this morning but at 6:30 am it was still very dark.  And by 7:00 this evening , the curtains will close and the lamps will go on. October means that summer's light is disappearing and the late afternoon October sky has a harsh edge to it.  October's light is in no way soft.  It is edgy and sharp and reminds me of lightening.
     Spiders are everywhere!  Big spiders in webs on the front porch, on the back deck, hanging from the rose bushes, strung across the steps - not here two hours ago and yet very much here now.  Spiders!  I found one in the shower this morning and there were tiny ones near the kitchen window yesterday.  I need to paint spiders.
      I can hear the crowd at the soccer game down at the school.  Little kids in soccer uniforms were running and playing as they made their way down to the game earlier and now I can hear the cheering.  This will be the background noise for much of this weekend day.  Very familiar, very okay, and I am glad I am not there!
      October is not my favorite time of the year.  I think I miss summer and I know the edgy light bothers me.  I don't like the dramatic shift in temperature most days - with mornings being cool and damp or even clear and chilly but mid day becoming hot, dry, and sparky.  I think Octobers are also like Mondays..... the school year has just begun and it is a long haul until summer's relative freedom.  Be that as it may, I can still appreciate the colors!

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