Sunday, October 3, 2010

Computers - Yes or No

     Ugh - my computer is misbehaving.  I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled programs up the wazoo - to only further frustration.  Makes me long for the pre computer days!  Can I go back there?  What would I miss?  Daily email chats with my sister.... silly texts with my daughter.... serious emails with sonny boy.. convenient planning with friends..... reading news on line .... that one isn't so big deal.  I have always been a daily newspaper reader.  Grew up in a household where money was tight but where two dailies were delivered:  LA Times (mornings)  and San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune (afternoons). But I like browsing the newspapers!
     What else would I miss?  Sending emails to people.... playing with photographs without the expense of developing film.... touring the aisles of Amazon, reading book reviews and thinking about books......looking at photos of babies and little kids on FaceBook.  Would I miss FB?  Nah, not so much... it is kinda fun but no big deal.  I like that I can stay in touch with people and find out what is going on with them but it is not my life line, my must have.
    I would definitely miss the word processing elements of computers.  I love the ease of writing, the ease of corrections, the copy and paste features.  I love blogs and reading and writing them.  I love the feel of the laptop in my lap and my fingers dancing over the keys.... so much friendlier than those silly old typewriters.
    Okay, so I guess I give in and say yes to computers, yes to MacHenry (my Mac computer).  If only I knew everything about taking care of him.....

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