Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ball Game

TV talking
about baseball
baseball  summer nights
playing in the field with warm skin, short pants, and dust
dirt and sweat
alive and alive as a child can be alive
lights turning on
summer night light moves
over the house
breeze bouncing with orange tree blossom
Vin Scullly on the radio
Mark and KFI in the kitchen
summer nights that turn into deep sleep
safe and sweaty
and now Giants baseball
just for fun
no sweat
no hot night
talk about tension and how that boy can run
and love California and the boats in the bay
and the notion that life is baseball
baseball life is ups and outs,
runs and fly balls out to left field
catcher to catch what life pitches
and some umpire to rule on the close calls.
we all  strike out
or walk.
and we all need a fan or two,
a seventh inning stretch
and  a home run
from time to time
take me out to the ball game

1 comment:

  1. Hey, JT, nice descriptions about childhood baseball. memories, and how they impact the moment now......has a "Hymns to the Silence" feel to it as written by Van Morrison; I like your fluid style that lends itself to free association.....and mainly, I just love baseball, as torturous as it can be, as played by our beloved Giants......