Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Isabel Way

Try writing
the Isabel way.
Write whatever wants to be written
grateful for the moment,
the moment that is.
Write the moment when the fall sky shatters
and  the dark starts caving in.
Carve the moment when the clock ticks, the siren cries,
and the baseball flies across home plate.
Bury the moment which is scared, which is dying,
which is calling, which is mine.
And what is the moment
but silence anyway.
Look into the core
of the world, the steel of the eye.
Examine your father's face
and avoid the tragic
and find the magic.
Hear nothing.
See everything.
Stay awake.
Be kind.


  1. i feel so honored!! :)
    this is really beautiful!
    i really should start one of these things..

  2. Yes, the Isabel years to come, college professors will be talking about the "Isabel Style of Writing" and all the students will know this means to be free and creative and let the unconscious just flow out into the paper.......and we will all thank Isabel Seakatz for her gift......