Sunday, November 1, 2009

Summer Is Gone (For Now)

November 1st.  Halloween is a memory.  I guess that means that summertime is really over.  Why does that  bum me out so much?  I love the summertime and live for it all the rest of the year.  It's only been gone (practically speaking) for two months but until very recently I could sort of fool myself into thinking that summer was still hanging around.  But no more.  The clocks have been turned back and it is dark at 5:45.  The trees and flowers are either dressed to kill or dressed in death.  All this is depressing.  Summertime is time to be alive.  Wide, long days with uncluttered schedules make for an easy mind.  Balmy evenings, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops give rise to bike rides, walks with the dogs and excursions out to the beach. How can life get any better than life in the summertime?  And so I miss it already and there is a corner of my mind waiting, waiting waiting for those lazy, crazy wild days of summer.  I'm ready now.

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  1. There is certainly something to be said, however, for those cozy days next to the fire and watching the rain. For everything there is a season.
    From a soon-to-be-new family member, (Chad's stepmom)