Monday, November 2, 2009

Go Figure

Who would think that two over 50 year old types could laugh hysterically in bed at 5:30 on  Monday morning in November?  First, okay, little kids do goofy things like that all the time but we're talking about serious,  responsible, gotta go to work adults.  And then it's Monday morning - start of the work week after relaxing weekend - no reason to laugh there.  And, for God's sake, it's NOVEMBER - where's the humor in that?  It's not like being on vacation, laid back silly like you might find in a tent in July.   And what brought about this incredible fit of belly laughter?  This deep throat CANNOT stop laughing fit?  This laugh til the snot runs out of your nose fit?  Wanna know?  Really?  Okay - the realization that we are the quintessential artsy-fartsy couple.  I am the artsy one.  He is the fartsy one.  Go figure.  That was worth the best in bed laugh of the year!  What the heck?

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