Saturday, November 14, 2009

Run, Girl, Run!

I remember being in kindergarten and running races daily at lunchtime.  I had decided that I was the fastest runner in the class and I wanted to demonstrate my speed.  In first grade, I was chased daily at lunchtime by Chuckie and I loved my speed and power.  I remember being on the small side compared to other kids but feeling as if my speed made up for any deficiencies in height.  As a ten year old, I climbed trees, rode bikes, played baseball and generally took my physicality for granted.  I saw the strength in my leg and arm muscles and used my body as a tool to enjoy being alive in the world.
When I was a college student I took a PE class in which I became acquainted with weight machines and the power of aerobic exercise.  That one class started a lifelong trend for me and I returned to those ten year old girl days.  I found the strength in my arms and legs again and loved the feeling of running, sweating, and breathing hard.  For years I ran daily, not competitively, but just for fun. I enjoyed the active and I enjoyed feeling healthy and strong.  Somewhere along the way, my knees forced me to slow down.  Running became history but still daily walks and/or bike rides felt good and healthy.  Now I wait for bones to heal and remember what "good and healthy" felt like.  Can't wait to be there again!


  1. How do you remember 1st grade?! I can't even remember 1st grade!

  2. Seriously? You have no snippets of 1st grade memory?