Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lost in Life

     Ms Melancholy has that bag that she carries around.  I've been thinking about that bag and how heavy it is.  It's old and battered but it is very valuable to her.  I have the sense that something of mine is in that bag, something I have lost but I can't think of what it might be. Among the things I've lost in life are the following items:

baby teeth and wisdom teeth
that  bracelet that Grandpa and Auntie Anne gave me when I was 6 years old
my father
a kidney stone
my long hair
internet privacy
innocence / naivete
belief in and respect for the Catholic religious hierarchy
my youth
the red sweater that I left in San Francisco
my temper (repeatedly)
my patience (repeatedly)
my confidence (lost and regained repeatedly)
my self
the kid I used to be (maybe that is the same as my self)
the truth
my optimism (most of the time)
my grandparents (all of them)
childhood/adolescent friendships
knees that don't hurt
belief in the future
that check I wrote last week
my first passport

Could any of these things be in the bag?


  1. how about people?
    they seem to get lost all the time

  2. How does one lose internet privacy? Isn't the term oxymoronic in nature?
    And some things that are lost, are more accurately describes as misplaced. what happens if you misplaced your belief in the future, but you reconnect with it, and the future turns out to be rosy. Don't tell me-let me guess; what-if questions begin at the final bell, three-twenty.