Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doing AND Being

Road trip!
Let's go!
Bridges, buildings, urban trees
and lots of asphalt.
Fog horns, rain on the rooftop,
and wailing voices
pitched to impress.
Do we have to?
Fear of getting lost.
Fear of Ms Melancholy
 riding shotgun.
Twisting in the driver's seat,
 tired of sitting.
Distracting the mind with stale crackers
and warm water for dessert.

Night turns to morning and
concrete trails open
to reveal forest hikes
and rivers gathering
rain drops.
Bicycles ride by
and smiles fall off the seats.
New friends
and good times.

Blues, greens,  pink
ocean mist tries to capture
and wine warms
the solitary evening.
Why road trips?
Breathing time.
New visions.
Family ribbons  tied again.

Road trip
and life as a
river tripping to the sea
meandering, sweeping
in brilliant blue
to the open ocean
and home.
Home again.

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