Saturday, December 26, 2009


I don't know how my life got so good.  Specifically, how did I end up with a loving, responsible, and all around good person for a husband?  Why did I end up with two compassionate, smart, focused young adults as my children?  And what universal powers led me to challenging and engaging work that also gives me a decent paycheck, sick leave, and time off during the year?  And , again, what universal powers brought me to Sebby - a close community that envelops me with friendship and fantastic neighborhood walks? Or granted me excellent health?  So I have been amply gifted but why?  Why me?  I know the theory about my life being the result of choices I made but, hey, that doesn't fit -- my health? really? okay, yes I do my part with nutrition and exercise and moderation in all things alcoholic but that is nothing really. And I made choices about education and choosing a partner and raising kids but other things conspired to make those choices happen.  The one thing that I acknowledge control over is my attitude.  For years, attitude has been about focus and determination -- all good.  Now attitude also encompasses being alive, noticing the goodness everywhere, embracing surprises and uncertainty, capturing the world in a web of happiness.  Can it last?

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