Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dump It All

What the F word  is all this STUFF I have?

I am in a toss-it-all-out sort of place.
Just dump this and that.

Dump anything you don't use on a regular basis.
Dump books that don't speak to you any more.
Dump clothes that don't fit or don't feel right.
Dump pieces of furniture that just take up space.
Dump all the friggin dishes and kitchen stuff that you don't use anyway.
Dump the art supplies that you bought and don't use anymore.
Dump the stuff  that is in the bathroom that was purchased years ago and never used since.
Dump the flower pots that sit empty out on the deck.
Dump the letters and cards from long ago.  
Okay, keep the ones from people who have the power to break your heart.
Dump the kid stuff from years ago - games and puzzles.  Dump it.
Dump the self medicating stuff that doesn't work anyway.
Dump anything where the expiration date was pre 2013.  Duh.
Dump blankets and pillows and linens that sit in closets.
Dump the Walkmans and the worthless printers.
Dump the the tangle of computer/electrical cords and the cameras that require film.

Dump it all.

Make the place empty
That's what I want.
I want to be empty except for core essentials.
But then what happens?
What happens when everything is empty?
Will I get lonely?
Will I fill it up with new shit?


  1. Hmmm a good ole-fashioned cleanse. I need to do this. I have clothes I haven't worn for over a year and I have no idea why I keep them.

    1. YES! Invigorating! And clothes you haven't worn in less than a year???? That's great! I am dumping things I haven't worn in five years!

  2. When I left my first marriage, I went into an apartment with nothing. Oh, I had my clothes. But,no furniture, not even a bed. No cutesy knick knacks, no dishes, no pots or pans.
    And the first thing I did, the day I got the key, was lay on the floor and look around at all of the emptiness and let out the biggest, most gratifying sigh of all time!
    Yeah, slowly but surely, I started filling up again.
    Then I met Ross, and he brought along lots of stuff. He loves his stuff.
    I love your Dump List.
    So,well could you come to my house and dump?

    1. I get that big sigh. I feel so good as things go away. What's up with that? Michael is a bit of a collector as well but he confines his collections (prmarily science education related materials) to his upstairs office space or his shop area off the garage). I look at the boxes of books and papers and wonder why but, as long as they stay in his world, I leave it alone.
      I would love to come to your house and dump! Fun! I'd have to drive, take the train, or hitchhike though......but then I could see the Jersey shore!

  3. I think a good purge is a healthy thing..

  4. Yes, you will fill up with new stuff, but this will be stuff that reflects you right now, not the you of years ago.

    I need to go on a dump spree. First, the TV. Unfortunately, it's a heavy sucker, and I haven't yet found someone to come and take it away.

  5. My house definitely needs to be purged (and perhaps exorcised). It's amazing how much clutter can be accumulated. I don't think I need 75% of what I have.

  6. It is our condition, we fill the space we occupy, but we are not really "materialists". Oh, we may find "meaning" in Stuff, comfort for sure, but not identity, at least not an identity we would like to keep. We are a nation of garage salers. Mostly we don't buy stuff good enough to keep. We know in advance we will discard it. It's "The American Way"!

  7. Oh, I could stand to do some dumping, for sure. It's a matter of getting motivated enough to overcome this horrific bogged down feeling I've been having--which to be honest, is probably in no small part due to the physical and psychological weight of the things that could stand dumping. ;)