Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ground Hog Day in San Francisco


      Those of you who have read my whining about January, can only imagine how delighted I was to turn over the calendar to February last week.  It's not that is is exactly spring but the weekend brought us Ground Hog's Day and that means that, wherever spring spent the winter, she is now packing it up and getting ready to visit NorCal.

     Saturday did give us a taste - just a taste - of spring's arrival.  I spent much of the day in San Francisco, just taking in the moment and being grateful for Saturdays.


     The first part of the adventure included a visit to MOMA.  Saturday was the closing day for the Jasper Johns exhibit and so it was probably extra crowded but it didn't matter.  It was sweet to wander among the galleries and play at being to someone I can only pretend to be.

     After checking out MOMA, we toured the city.  Just for fun, we drove through some of the neighborhoods and enjoyed both comparing the communities and embracing any signs of spring.

    I like urban landscapes!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Is it fall holding on or fall pretending to be spring?

  This little weekend adventure will give me enough fuel to make it until next weekend!



  1. I have been to SF twice but many years ago. I loved the area. So much to see and do.
    One night we had dinner in a great restaurant. Robin Williams was at the table next to us. It was interesting to me that he so obviously wanted to be noticed.
    I don’t know how you get those shots of the buildings, but they are awesome.
    No signs of spring here. It’s so cold. But so far no significant snow.

    1. SF is pretty cool. if you like cities..... and I am enamored with visiting cities these days. NOT interested in living there but like being an explorer (especially with a tour guide who can lead me around!). The buildings with the sky above? That;s just leaning out the car window and pointing the camera up! The wider view? Those are from Twin Peaks, a place in the city where you get this panoramic view of the entire city.

  2. Annie and I do the San Francisco thing every six weeks, but only to check in with the California Pacific Medical Center. Big sigh. I am grateful to be able to accompany her, though we get in and out as quickly as possible. It is nice to see your beautiful pics, and to know that others go to the City for the sake of enjoyment. I am just a country boy.

    1. Yeah, I get that - I am basically a small town sort of person - but there is some exciting energy in the city and that is nice for me to touch every so often - especially with a guide like Alex!

  3. You make the city so interesting.

  4. Gorgeous photos as always. Glad there's a little at the end of the winter tunnel.

    (My daughter was obsessed with Ground Hog Day when she was six. Literally could not sleep with excitement...she got up at midnight and came to me and said, "Mommy, I can't sleep because I'm afraid I'm going to miss the ground hog." I reminded her we had set her alarm and she said, "But what if it doesn't go off? Or what if I sleep through it?" I have no idea who instilled that degree of anxiety about a non-event in my child, but it was equal parts adorable and disturbing.)

  5. That's the way kids are - equal parts of adorable and disturbing!