Sunday, October 21, 2012

Of Skies, Leaves, and Tractors

     In late October, the sun doesn't start to bring blue to the black sky until nearly 7:00 am -- and later when storm clouds or fog fill the sky.  I set out shortly before 7:00 to see what colors were in the vineyards now  and got to see sky colors galore too.

Clouds, circling in from the south, cut off sunlight to the laguna.

Grapes vines wait for the sun to reach them.

And now the sky finds its familiar blue.

Rolling vineyards decked out in fall's colors

This little grouping calls to me!  

Yup!  Farm equipment gets the right of way.......

.....including (or maybe especially) this guy.

Quintessential colors

I see eerie here....

Can't take my eyes off of you....

Death in front of dying?

     There it is, people.  NorCal wine country getting ready for winter.  The first real fall rain is supposed to roll in tonight.  The SF Giants just took the sixth game in the NL championship series - one more game to go before meeting up with Detroit in the World Series.  That World Series action just puts the exclamation point on the fall sentence!


  1. Oh, how I love fall. I love all the colors, the cooler days, and the chilly nights. I do miss the late sunsets, but not enough that I'd wish the summer to last longer. Perhaps that's a result of living in Phoenix and then Austin.

    The sun isn't rising here until nearly 7:45. This will change briefly, of course, when DST ends, but Austin's definitely a late riser. During the summer, I remember it being up around 6:15 or so.

  2. Yes, in summer, I see the sun's presence as early as 5:00 am - at that hour, it is light enough to bike safely. Now? It's not really safe until at least 7:30 - but I go anyway. I am not a fan of fall but I am getting more impressed with it as I get older. I wish I could spend a couple of hours EVERY morning enjoying the sunrise.... well, I guess I can but it will be out the windows of my office!

  3. I thought of you and Mark yesterday when the Giants took game 6! The photos are beautiful. They remind me a little bit of where I live . . . wine country, Washington style :)

    1. It's the 6th inning in that game -- fingers crossed.
      I bet the photos do remind you of your own wine country - the climate has to have some commonalities. Aren't you in Central Washington?

  4. Your pictures are a reflection of the fall of the year. And yes, the Giants are jockeying for position to take their rightful place in the Fall Classic. If they win, I am allowed to feel as giddy as I want; if they lose, what do I care? I have to get up and go to work, anyway. Go Giants, and thank you for the pics!

    1. You are welcome! Score still 7 zip -- go Giants!

  5. Just love the colors and the contrast between the warm colors of the earth and the cool colors of the sky. Beautiful shots.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Since the Rangers aren't in it, we're rooting for SF since I lived there for 11 years. I think they're going to take it. Maybe tonight!

  7. Beautiful pictures as always. What a blessing to live in such a strikingly beautiful area!