Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out. Loud.

  Damn!  I am the funniest thing in the world.  Sometimes I amuse myself so much that I laugh out loud.  That's it!   It's the out loud part that makes me so funny.  I talk to myself.  All. The. Time. Out. Loud.

   I mean we all run tapes in our head - messages to ourselves about what needs to be done or what looks good or who is treating us well or who is being mean.  But conversations with yourself that you inadvertently share with those around you?  Too funny.   It hit me this morning.  RR is often the last out of bed so he generally makes the bed (sort of, anyway).  With the warmer weather, we usually take the beautiful hand made quilt off the bed at bedtime and lay it gently on the cedar chest for the night.  Once again this morning, I saw that RR had not returned the quilt to the bed but rather left it folded and draped over the cedar chest.  So, as I was completing the bed making job,  I promptly began reminding him (he was rooms away) that you need to replace the quilt on the bed in the morning because it is the prettiest part of our room... except when I am in there!  Which made me giggle because it so not true yet it is something he would say and I laugh to hear me say it.

    Later, I am getting ready to go out the door to an appointment and I catch a glimpse of my goofy hair in the dining room mirror.  Ha! Ha!.  Let's just say, I go for the unkempt, natural look - so goofy .  So I catch this glimpse and I chastise myself and say, out loud,  "Geez, you can't really be leaving like THAT, can you?"  and I tell myself to get myself in there and fix that messy hair.  "Oh, and while you're at it?  Why don't you find your phone and pull out the jacket you'll need later. And maybe you need to do something about that hair."  Like I really have to say those things out loud?  It's just quirky.

   At work, I generally leave my office door open unless I am with someone.  My office is directly across from the staff mailboxes.  Way too often is the occasion when someone at the mailboxes will poke their head in with a "Are you talking to me?" and I just have to laugh and admit to reminding myself out loud how to go about the process of whatever task (typically technological task) that I am attempting to do.  Talking to myself out loud, I suppose, is one way of staying focused on the steps in the task?  I don't know.  But I can laugh.

   Do you talk out loud?  If you do, do you think it's funny?  If others who are close to you talk to themselves out loud, do you ever say anything to them?  Do you think they are a bit weird?  RR ignores me much of the time - I think he just tunes me out - not in mean way but he has some of his own attention issues going on so he doesn't even know he's tuning me out.  It's okay with me.  I just tell myself whatever I need or want to hear.....


  1. I talk to myself continually and unapologetically...I mostly narrate my life and talk of "what ifs" quirky is cool right???

  2. I do not talk out loud, but I live with someone who does. I walk around asking, "Are you talking to me?"

  3. I do the occasional out loud “”Now what did I come into this room for? Argh I hate when that happens.” But mostly I talk, a lot, non stop in fact, to myself, but just not out loud.

  4. My dead father talks to me...
    He's a real asshole too, let me tell you...

  5. I tend to mumble to myself unless I do something really stupid and then there will be a full-fledged out loud exclamation (usually involving some baddish words). I think it's hilarious that you crack yourself up--I alwasy say that life is easier when you're easily amused. ;)