Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shards Again

So listen to this 
shards -
I woke up at 3:30
overwhelmed with the shards that are still on the ground
I want them to be hard plastic shards - I know they are a deep red in color - yes, the color of blood, but don't be alarmed - it's just a color
But I want them to be hard plastic because I want to get down on the ground and beat the hell out of them with a sledge hammer - but that would be really heavy so maybe just a heavy duty regular hammer
beat beat beat , hammer hard
make those shreds into a fine powder - at first I thought make them into sand 
but that's not right because  sand is not soft -
sand can hurt
it can be edgy
make them into a fine powder
soft as baby powder
make it so I can blow them away
where would the shards go?
into the ocean or into the trees along the bike route
but here's the thing
they are NOT plastic shards
they are sheet metal shards
with edges so crisp they cut
and , yes, they are blood red in color
and shards like that cannot be beaten into a powder
but then I thought - I wonder how thick that metal is 
it's not like State Steel thick
It's not like roofing thick
it's like that shiny silver thick that drainpipes are made from 
what if it were foil thick?
what if I could bend it  and twist it
how would that be?

1 comment:

  1. If this were a dream, I would say that nothing is what it seems. The shards of glass are life's speed bumps, and the hammers are strategies for dealing with these problems. Sand can hurt, but it can also embrace the body in a warm diffused bed of heat, allowing one to drift off to sleep. Baby powder can soothe, but can also sting, if the breeze blows it back in your face. As your tools become more sophisticated, the shards become more workable, and you can form them more effectively. Eventually the shards intermingle and combine to form the tapestry of your existence. When does this happen? It happens when you least expect it; we all know that.