Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unexpected Intrusions

Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That is what life is.

                                            HERZOG, SAUL BELLOW


An adventure that started without your input.

A basket overflowing with fruits and nuts.

An ocean spilling waves on your feet.

Cool shoes that can also hurt your feet sometimes.

A small fire that grows hot and powerful and cools to ashes.

Babies, criminals, queens, brokers, bartenders, cowboys, bitches.

White hot passionate kisses that close with a sigh.

Red sharp rage slashing away wisdom and reflection.

Baby toes and walkers, freckles welcoming wrinkles.

Killing, kindness, cartwheels , wailing, wishing, why.

Daffodils, daydreams, destiny, despair.

That is what life is.


  1. Unidentifiable bird of prey, perched on the limb of a dead stag, lifts magnificently in the air, revealing itself to be an osprey, its feathers glinting in the early morning sun; an off-white owl, reflected in the truck's headlight's, rises suddenly in front of us, wings flapping furiously to avoid our presence; nagging, dull pain, present from twelve hours of grueling work, dissipates in the glow of a job well done. That's what life is.