Monday, April 12, 2010

What would you observe if you were observing?

What would you observe if you were observing?
the green in the world
the green in my paint
the sad in my soul
the anger in my jaw
the good in my home
the fear in my mind
the despair in my imagination
the drama of it all
the ability to stop
the desire to write
the gotta get on with it attitude
the pain in the world
the emptiness of the house
the tick of the clock
the tear on my face
the salt in the tear
the go away in my mind
the walls on the paper
the wine in the glass
the sadness of the memory
the anger of connections
the desire to escape
the knowledge of friends
the pettiness of lovers
the kindness within
the calmness of perspective
the peace of wisdom
the peace of non attachment
the love of brothers and sister
the hope within
the promise of change
the beauty of spring
the leave me alone that works
the value of tears
the value of walls
the hope

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  1. JT......jt this is all such good heartfelt stuff!
    I have spent my life since i was 12 in pursuit of and contemplation over the heart, honesty the realness of life and all the passion and energy that comes with it! I saw similar searching in you the first time we met. Still think we need to share a bottle of wine and a laugh or two!