Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riding Away, Running Away

Incredible bike ride!  Words like incredible just fall off the fingers but I know I am alive on the early morning planet.  All senses are engaged.  I can see such brilliant color.  At 6:15 am the light is both eerie and calming.  By 7:15, the light intensifies the greens, the yellows, the purples of spring.  I swear they just leap out at me and stop me cold.  I seriously must stop and breathe in the colors, the fog, the filtered sunlight. There is a short section of the ride that is in a small valley where the hills and trees ooze greens, purples and shades of blue while the flat is littered with oranges, reds, yellows, and pinks.  I almost can't stand the beauty.  But it's not at all just what my eyes take in.  The fragrance of spring surprises me!  It is not a constant as I ride along but rather whispers in my nose from time to time.  And when it does, I see the colors too.  Double whammy!
The air is cold and my fingers a bit numb but then the hill work makes the hoodie feel too tight and too warm.  I have to frequently adjust the gears as I roll up and down and on the flats.  I can hear the knees scream a bit but I am used to ignoring them.  The abs are sucked in.  They ride better that way.  The right clavicle whines from time to time and I find myself releasing the right arm from the handlebars and holding my right hand close to the clavicle.  It's a way to take the pressure off the reach and to remind myself that the healing is not quite done.  This morning John Prine fills my ears too and I carry an illegal smile as I keep a head full of hope and a heart that's filled with wonder.  Oh my!  For a brief time I am in the moment, as they say.  I know what it means to be alive, to be joyful with the world, to have no fears or failures.  I have run away.

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