Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moonbeam grin

To sparkle is to be alive.  To saunter with Ellie through the neighborhood, to feel a late afternoon spring breeze, to wrap my eyes around the greens and the purples, the  pinks and yellows, the oranges and the shine that are spring, this is to be alive.  To watch another person's eyes dance, to know that the room is  electric because people are connecting, to laugh, this is to be alive.  To paint walls on paper - rich, exciting, sharp walls - to feel their power is to feel alive.  Alive begets alive and the spark grows into a flame.  The dark cave of a life can find windows when the spark ignites the flame.  Sparkle lights up a cave.  Sparkle lights up a life.  That tiny moonbeam of a grin can become the sun that makes all the difference.

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