Sunday, January 31, 2010

People Don't Last

Why is it that it is in death that you really get to know a person?  Why is it that death allows you to see all that a person was, all that they gave to you and to the world? People don't last and when they leave you know what you have lost.
Frank was a funny guy who made people laugh.  He was passionate and thoughtful. He cared more than was perhaps healthy for the Earth and for the environment.  His passion was his life and he used his intelligence, his sense of humor, his ability to articulate and think on his feet to convey his beliefs.  And he was able to convert people to his way of life through his humor, his passion, his knowledge, and his spark.  He made everyone he encountered want to be a better person.
I have been reading the many tributes to him on the obit website.  I am blown away by how many people talk about having dinners with him , visiting his model home, being affected by him.  I knew he had changed the world one person at a time but his impact is dramatic.  I want to live a life as rich and as full of impact as his life was.
I want to be a better person because Frank lived in my time.

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