Monday, October 26, 2009

One Day At a Time.....

.......So that's what they always say and I am finally learning - or, at least, I am getting closer to learning.
One day at a time means don't bother getting stressed about tomorrow or next month or next year.  Be here now.
One day at a time means breathe and see the moment.  Appreciate the sunshine or the rain.  Feel the warm or the wet on your face.
One day at a time means that everything changes.  Don't get stuck in the moment because it won't last more than the instant that it is.  Embrace change because, really, you have no other choice.  Yes, you could fight it but guess what?  You can't win.  Out of your control.  So embrace it and let change protect you.  It comes in handy sometimes.
One day at a time means look for little things - don't count on the big moments or the major revelations.  Revelations are in the moment and take only an instant.  They can, however,  impact you for weeks, or months to follow (if you allow them to).


  1. Yes, my adventurous friend, this is wonderful advice for all. Be present is my new mantra and you have embraced that already. I am keeping my eyes open for the small surprises that make everyday precious and give us real quality of life. Today is IT!

  2. You are an inspiration - spinning straw into gold!!