Monday, June 25, 2012

Hope Drifts

“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” 
 Stephen King

    There was a time when I wished my parents had named me Hope.  The name offered such a positive outlook.  Who couldn't love a girl named Hope?

  It seems to me that hope is an essential ingredient in life.  It is not necessarily The Essential ingredient but without hope, how does anyone make anything change?  And when does hope become a goal?  Or are they always and already the same thing?

  Just wondering.


  1. Silly JT. If our parents had named you Hope, then you wouldn't be JT. And where would we be, with no JT? Just talking.

    And to answer one of your questions, hope becomes a goat when you rely too heavily on hope, and not enough on your own noggin, to get you along the path.

  2. I agree JT that hope is fairly critical in this life of ours. There must be forward momentum in the everyday routines and from our effort to progress we wish and hope that it will bring us closer to our goals. Without this desire to "be better" or "do better", I think we all might get stuck in quicksand. So hope and optimism defy gravity and all that will pull us down. Without some confidence how can we create our world in such a manner that we become happier and more fulfilled? It may be wishful thinking, but I always hope that tomorrow will be a better day and bring me closer to what I pine for.........thanks for the fascinating post!

  3. For such a short post, this one has a surprisingly great potential to send me into a spinning vortex of deep thought...

    I do think hope is essential, but it's sometimes hard to maintain and distinguishing between actual hope and false hope and figuring out which one to follow is a whole other tangled mess.

  4. ah, hope. Yes, we rely on it, but I keep it separate from my goals. Goals, I will achieve, but hope is for other things, less tangible, shapeless ideas and dreams that I can only hope will take form someday.....