Monday, June 11, 2012


Please note:  I found this piece in my archives.  Originally written last February, it got set aside for some reason long forgotten.  I want to post some of my more recent  art work but decided to first post this for some background.

I knew I liked Kurt Vonnegut:

        Reading this inspires me to show off a few more of my paintings.  Back in early December I opened my personal gallery  to the blogging world (just for fun).  I promised to bore you again with some more original pieces so, on this lazy Sunday, I am going to take you on a tour of a different wing of the gallery.

     To wake you up a bit, I will start with this one.  I completed this one probably two years ago, just kicking around the universe.  Nephew Casey look a liking to it  and, for all his wonderfulness, I could't resist sending it his way.

   This next one has got to be one of my all time favorites.  I love the delicate yet complicated textures and colors.  I think the colors are so much richer in person but the camera gives you an idea of what I see.  It didn't start out to be heart like, I assure you, but in this view I can clearly see that image.  For fun and games, I am including the full picture as well as the enlarged left hand corner.   I recently had it framed and matted.  If only I had the perfect wall on which to display it.

       The Hand is a captivating piece.  I painted it about four years ago.  It so captured my attention that I now have it hanging in my office at work.  Here's the question:  What is the hand doing?  Some say the fingers are reaching out; others say the hand is holding on.  I know I was in desperate straits at the time I painted it.  Perhaps that is one reason it is so appealing to me.  When paintings speak to me, I listen.  Sometimes the rawness of artwork is painful but, then again, sometimes it is joyful. Check out the next two!
       Is she not the most spirited little girl bike rider ever?

And who is that peeking out?

This one is a mystery, even to me.

We'll tour a little more of the gallery later this week.


  1. Wow! I viewed the second installment of the gallery show first, then stumbled onto this collection. You continue to amaze me, and yet you never seem to give yourself credit for being a talented and original painter! I'm astonished at the vividness and sheer vibrancy of this work. You are the painter in the family, ms. JT, and I will heartily attest to that! very cool stuff.

  2. Thanks, Matthew. I do enjoy the paints and the images just emerge - much the way it might happen for you when you are writing those novels? It matters to me that you like this stuff. I know they are not representational - abstract scares people and they say things like : "What is it?" or "Looks like a kid did that". Yes, and they are right . The colors and the shapes and the textures come from playing with paint. And I don't want everything to be real.