Saturday, February 18, 2012


The word
could be

But is it break apart?
Break ( as in the rules)?
Break up?
Break open?
Break down?
Break a ten spot?
Take a break?
Break bread?
Day break?
Break away?
Break even?
Break off?
Break out into?

Or is it brake?
as in  STOP.

What's the evidence?
Are there pieces?
Are there cops?
White coats?
Is the sun shining?

Breaking up is hard to do.
Even when it is
that is breaking.
Or braking.


  1. What an evocative post...and it may not help to consider it at the moment, but breaking can be a first step in remaking. (And braking can be an essential part of safely moving forward.)

    1. YOu got it, MM - breaking is indeed the first step toward reconstruction. I do believe I am on that path. I liked how this little piece moved from breaking to braking. Truth be told? If I put the brakes on, I might not break!

  2. I am having a hard time see through this one. But what I do see in the first photo is that there are multiple layers of strength which keep the glass from shattering and completely falling apart. Even a stone bullet fired at the the heart could not penetrate these layers.
    I hope you are doing okay.

  3. Hi Lynda - thank you for your concern. I am doing so much better than a few months ago so that is good. This little piece just fell off the fingers last night and I liked it. As I said to MM, I do believe I am in the process of reconstructing myself - yet again - but now I am getting curious as opposed to being scared. That's progress!

  4. How about break free? break loose? beak through? break open? break forth? It all adds up to needing some time to yourself. Break ranks and have some break-fast. This is Sunday, and tomorrow is a day off. Break tradition and let your paint brush guide your actions. Go ahead; break a leg.

    1. Don't tempt me! Breaking a leg is one way to get some time off - like a certain bike accident that someone I know had - she got essentially a good two months off at that time! AND she now has a metal plate to remind her of the time off.....

  5. I need to put the brakes on and take a break before I break.

    1. Hi Judy - Me too! Actually, this was a four day weekend from work and that is exactly what I have been doing. I have hibernated with books, paints, and the keyboard -- effectively braking - it has made a huge difference!