Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hope. Nothing is more intoxicating.


     If by intoxicating, you mean exciting, inspiring, appealing, or lively, then I am with you, Cornelia.  Hope does have a captivating quality.  It makes me want me to go forward.  It evokes laugher.  It says hang on, life is worth living.

     The world is not a hopeful place at the moment.  Way too many tea party people.  Way too many people without jobs, losing their homes and their confidence.  Way too many children going to bed hungry around the world.  Way too much damage done to Mother Earth and way too little effort to stop the damage.  There is still global religious persecution.  There is still  hate and unfounded anger.  There is still greed and still far too many people taking advantage of other people.  Up close and personal, life has way too many moments of emptiness and disappointment. Sucks.

     Slivers of hope do appear here and there.  There is a greater acceptance of GLBTQ community.  There appears to be more tolerance for racial differences.  Individuals and nations do reach out to each other in times of crisis.  Baseball championships are won!  Babies are born.  Friends hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be okay.  I suppose hope does spring eternal, heh?  


  1. That's what "they" say...

  2. Until it's replaced by apathy...

  3. Or until is simply vanishes altogether.