Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fences Around Life

"You can't build fences around life."

This line was part of a larger quote about recognizing that everything changes but I am also drawn to this one sentence.   There is a painting here and the image is clear.  You can't build fences around life and you can't put life in boxes.  Sometimes it is easier or preferable to try to do this but it won't work.  The fence will fall, the box will burst or you will break trying to hold the fence up, the box together.  Those fences are about thinking you are in charge and you can fence in (or out) all that you want to manage.  Boxes are a convenient way of storing things that you don't want to think about or don't want to deal with.  Guess what?  Fences do break.  Boxes can burst.  Life will be richer when you stop building fences and when you leave the lid off the box.

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