Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ten Commandments of Christmas

1.  I am the King of Goodwill.  Thou shalt not have the gods of big business before me.

2.  Thou shalt not despair at the whimsy that is Christmas.

3.  Remember to keep holy the Christmas tree.

4.  Honor thy family and friends with love and good cheer.

5.  Thou shalt not whine.

6.  Thou shalt not commit gluttony (too many times anyway).

7.  Thou shalt not not lose patience nor take the world too seriously.

8.  Thou shalt not forget to stop and appreciate the lights and colors of December.

9.  Thou shalt enjoy the music, the movies, the puzzles, the stories and the fantasies that are the magic of Christmas.

10.  Thou shalt pause and wonder at the winter solstice night sky.  Thou shall appreciate the expanse of the universe and consider thy place in the cosmos.  Thou shalt breathe.


  1. Okie dokie, because you asked for them. Saw the ten commandments, and I am wondering what mine would look like.
    Number one: All things Christmas are beneficial.
    Number two: There is no such thing as too big or too much.
    Number three: Thou shalt have a tree.
    Number four: Music shall prevail.
    Number five: Old guys with beards, are not necessarily Santa.
    Number Six: Thou shalt eat, drink and make Merry (so long as Merry doesn't mind)
    Number seven: Thou shalt clean up the wrapping paper no later than January sixth.
    Number eight: The tree must remain up until after New Years Day.
    Number Nine: Leftovers must be shared with the Bowsers.
    Number ten: No fair starting to count down the days until next Christmas, until at least June.

  2. 1) Wine
    2) beer
    3) brandy
    4) Irish car bombs
    5) Bailey's Irish Cream in coffee every morning for a fortnight
    6) Need I go any further?

  3. Mr Anon: Since I know you've had at least one long period of sobriety, I am going to say, "I don't believe your list." Look at your life and tell me that it is the way you want it to be. Your Christmas commandments are about your escape. Change something, dude.