Friday, March 4, 2011

Do One Thing That Scares You Every Day

Yesterday the fire department came to school to introduce the kids to the ladder truck.   This is a huge fire truck with a ladder that  extends a  full 155 feet .  You'll never guess who climbed to the top of the extended ladder!  No clamp, no helmet -= just nerve - I actually wanted to do it because I am not comfortable with heights.... I wanted to do something that scared me.  I wanted to challenge myself in a new way.  Let me tell you, it was a challenge.  About one quarter of the way up I started to freak out.  This was particularly understandable since, before I started the ascent, the fireman was telling me about someone else who had done this who had frozen up - couldn't go up, couldn't go down - they had to "rescue" him!  I was doing fine until I got that little speech -- anyway, I started to freak out a bit but then I told myself:  breathe, don't look behind, don't look forward, just look straight ahead, and go one rung at a time.  Ignore the crowd. Listen to yourself.  I got into a rhythm and stayed focused on the climbing.  It worked!  Good advice for life, heh?