Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Long January

       It's an odd feeling.  It's January and I am not cranky.  I am not lost looking for springtime.  Yes, I am looking forward to the warmer days but I am oddly happy with the moment.  Strange place to find myself in January.  Historically, my January has been nothing but grey and damp and endless. Yet right now we are not even one third of the way through and yet I am not impatient with time.  Very odd.
       What's different?  I can't say.  I am happy with my work.  Busy and productive days connecting with kids and working toward necessary changes.  I am happy at home.  I look forward to weekends and naps and walks.  I look forward to evenings on the couch with Michael and Ellie and crosswords and Weeds and  soup and toast for dinner.  How can this be so different from past years when I slept January away?  When I pined desperately for springtime?  I am holding every day close and being glad for the days that I have, whenever they happen.  No more questions.

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