Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worthy of an Oscar

Everybody has a story.  Some stories are alive with sadness and tragedy and those stories resonate across the world.  The hero's story is worthy and inspiring and is everywhere if you open your eyes. The triumphant stories can be thrilling and can evoke dreams and action.   And there is the everyday story that is at the heart of so many lives.  No great tragedies or wild grand fortunes.  Simply a willingness to keep going, trudging along, getting out of bed every morning, taking what the world throws your way that day. And in some everyday stories there is no flame, no surface hunger.  The story salutes the sun, tolerates the rain, and believes it is less than it should be.  A mediocre story at best.  The performance, however,  is awesome.   Worthy of an Oscar.  Eyes sparkle, laughter seen as genuine, self deprecating humor which is truth. The actor is alive.  The air is electrical and the sparks are real.  And the performance fools the audience.  It is so good.  No one knows the real story.

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